How soon can I get the required developer?
Our wide network of independent contractors and trusted partner companies allows us to provide urgently requested developers within 24-48 hours.
What technology do you work with?
We are covering 90% of IT skills from popular JavaScript, .NET, JAVA, PHP, Python to multiple mobile technologies, e-commerce solutions and frameworks.
Where are your developers located?
90% of our IT talents are located in Ukraine and Belarus.
Can I interview developers directly?
Yes, our clients interview and check the tech skills of the provided developers directly.
Who will I sign the Agreement with?
TalentsToday is officially registered in Estonia, so the Agreement will be signed with our Estonian entity according to the EU standards.
What are the hourly rates?
Our rates depend on technology, project complexity and developer`s specific skills. The hourly rate of a Senior developer starts from 35$ per hour, the rate for a Senior QA engineer starts from 30$ per hour.
Will I get any support during the project?
Yes, our professional team of Talent Managers will assist you throughout the project.
How do you manage the developers' work?
We are providing full administrative support for our developers and customers during the whole project. Also, our developers fill in the hourly reports on a weekly/monthly basis.
At the end of every month we will send the report for our clients' approval and proceed with the invoice accordingly.
Who owns the IP in a work product?
Our clients get all IP and legal rights as well as code&products produced by the developers from the time it's created and upon the full payments done.
Who is going to manage the provided developer?
Our clients work and manage developers directly. Additionally, we can provide a Project Manager upon our clients' request.
What methods of payment and currency do you accept?
We accept payments in EUR, USD and GBP. Also we can receive payments via Payoneer or TransferWise.
How do I get started?
Just send us your requirements and we will be happy to get back to you with our candidates available on a short notice.

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